Footage shows the moment a delivery man pulled a machete on some would-be robbers in Uruguay, instantly turning the tides.

The less-than-minute-long altercation was captured by CCTV, and shows the two thieves skulking in the background.

The food delivery man notices them as he unpacks his insulated bag, from which he pulls the weapon when they get too close.

The pair proceed to quickly run away - with the motorcyclist giving chase on-foot. It remains unknown what happened immediately after, but it appears as if the armed delivery driver - against all odds - secured his haul. 

The principles have not been named, as at least one of the men appeared to have gotten slashed. The clip, meanwhile, continues to gain traction online - with views now numbering well over 4million in a matter of hours.

In it, the delivery man is seen arriving at a house in an unknown suburb, disembarking to leave the order.

He quickly notices the two men approaching from down the street, after seconds before coalescing under the cover of night.

The driver proceeds to ring the bell so the homeowners can come out, all as the pair of perpetrators  continue to approach.

As the seconds pass, it quickly becomes apparent a confrontation that a confrontation is unavoidable - spurring the delivery person to pull the bladed weapon from the delivery bag.

The two guys in sweatshirts and with their faces covered instantly take notice, seemingly giving up on speaking to the man before making a mad dash away.

At this point, one of the culprits, dressed in gray, appears to get hit and hacked at least once by the machete, and begins to scream.

His partner in crime briefly doubles back to help, before both give up and continue to run away.

The driver, undeterred, gives chase on-foot, leaving behind his bike and bag of undelivered food in the process.

The clip then cuts out - with the conclusion of the commotion not seen.

Onlookers online were left speechless by the display, which spurred some to hail the driver's bravery and willingness to take matters into his own hands.

'Imagine going out to work and having to go WITH A MACHETE to defend yourself because they might rob you and kill you,' one such comment, translated from Spanish, read.

'Let's make donations so that the delivery man buys another machete,' another added, also posting in Spanish.

'I want the delivery man as minister of justice,' said someone else, as the identity of the driver and his accosters remain unknown.

The footage, however, shows the dangers of delivery driving no matter the locale, especially oversees.  

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