A warrant has been issued for the arrest of ‘My Unorthodox Life,’ star Julia Haart’s estranged husband Silvio Scaglia, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.

New York Supreme Court Judge Douglas E Hoffman took the extreme measure last week when he found Scaglia in contempt after he failed to appear at an appointed court date.

Hoffman had ruled that Scaglia owed Haart $300,000 in legal fees which he ordered should be paid by January.

But with no payment made and no indication that Scaglia had any intention of honoring the order Judge Hoffman called the couple back into court last week – a hearing at which Scaglia was a no-show.

The onetime couple has been duking it out through the courts, across multiple lawsuits for more than two years. 

During that time, as reported by DailyMail.com, Haart, 53, accused Scaglia, 65, of being on a ‘crusade to destroy her’ after she left him in January 2022.

He accused her of misappropriating millions of dollars from Elite World Group (EWG), the modelling firm the couple once ran together – allegations for which he failed to offer any proof in court.

She in return claimed that it was Scaglia who had misspent company funds, using over $20million of company money as a personal slush fund to finance a lifestyle of private jets, super yachts and even a $342,000 heart-shaped diamond engagement ring for his new fiancée Michelle Heinemann.

Now Scaglia is a fugitive from the law after Judge Hoffman lost all patience with his failure to stump up the $300,000 and the fact that he missed two court dates – May 15, and June 5.

The court held him in criminal contempt June 5 and set a sentencing date of June 13, a third date for which Scaglia failed to appear and for which his lawyers did not seek an adjournment.

As a result, he was sentenced to spend 20 days in jail and five days later a warrant was issued for his arrest with no bail allowed.

Scaglia is understood to be in Milan but according to the stringent terms of the warrant he will be arrested on sight – day or night – the moment he touches down on US soil.

He must surrender his passport which the State Department has been ordered to revoke and his driving license with the judge making it crystal clear that the time for any other remedies has passed.

In a further blow to the increasingly beleaguered self-described ‘billionaire,’ Scaglia’s attorney Robert Wallack quit last month citing an ‘irreparable breakdown’ of the relationship between Scalgia and his firm.

Meanwhile Haart’s attorney Nancy Chemtob of Chemtob Moss Forman & Beyda welcomed Judge Hoffman’s decision saying that her client felt ‘vindicated’ by his actions.

She said, ‘Ms. Haart feels vindicated by Judge Hoffman’s decision to issue an arrest warrant for Mr. Silvio Scaglia. 

'Mr. Scaglia thumbed his nose at the court by failing to appear…knowing that Judge Hoffman would be revoking his driver’s license, passport and finding him in contempt of court resulting in jail time. Mr. Scaglia is evading justice.’

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