Keefe D, the prime suspect in the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur, is making bail. Born Duane Davis, Keefe D has informed the Clark County District Court in Nevada that he can now post his $750,000 bail, according to the bail bond document filed Thursday (June 20) obtained by Billboard.

According to local ABC affiliate KTNV in Las Vegas, Davis will appear in court Tuesday, June 25, at 9 a.m. to hear Judge Carli Kierny's stipulations for his release, and to verify to the prosecution where the money came from. Davis, who pleaded not guilty to one count of murder with a deadly weapon, has been sitting in the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas since he was arrested in September as he awaits trial set to start Nov. 4. Clark County District Judge Jerry Wiese originally denied Davis bail when he was first taken into custody.

Billboard has reached out to Keefe D's lawyers for comment.

Keefe D published his memoir, Compton Street Legend, in 2019. In it, he went into detail about the night of Tupac's murder. "One of my guys from the back seat grabbed the Glock and started bustin' back," Keefe D wrote in his book. "As the rounds continued flying, I ducked down so that I wouldn't get hit."

He also appeared in multiple interviews over the years in which he discussed the night of the murder.

These instances may have violated his 2009 proffer agreement with Los Angeles investigators, in which Davis gave them information about the Tupac's murder in exchange for immunity. However, Keefe D violated the terms when he began to speak on the details of the murder publically. Law enforcement had kept tabs on the times Davis has talked about the murder publicly, and used his own admissions as evidence, which eventually led to his arrest.

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